Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to win the Malta lottery today


Welcome to my quick blogger Tasha, I gave it the title of how to win the Malta lottery today

Malta lottery  

Would you like a few red hot tips about playing lotteries and how to win the Malta lottery today ?So lets get down to business and let me tell you a few tips and tricks that may help you will the lottery! 
Firstly playing the lottery is a great fun, winning big is every body's dream and I have spent many hours chatting to friends about what would be the first thing i would buy if I won BIG !
How ever  the chances are slim some say so small there is no point playing the lottery in the first place , but millions of people play lottery's around the world every day and some where in the world some body will win that big jack pot !

Top 5 Tips to help on how to win the Malta lottery today 

We asked 10 jack pot winners what was there top tips for winning big ! 

  1. This may seem obvious but its still great advice BUY A LOTTERY TICKET , actually remember to purchase your numbers increase your chances of winning more than other tip we got told ! 
  2. Another great piece of advise is to buy a few lines or sets of numbers ( please only buy what you can afford ) the more your play the more chance you have of winning 
  3. Syndicates can be a great a way of getting more chances in more draws , such as work friends or family, this can reduce the cost but increase your chances you will of course have to share the jackpot in equal amounts but sharing a $5,000,0000 jackpot with friends or co workers is a problem i would love to have.
  4. Try not to pick consecutive running  numbers such 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16 , the chance of consecutive numbers being drawn are extremely low, 
  5. It has been said that keeping to the same set of numbers may increase your odds of winning, and always double check your tickets and ask a friend to help you double check any past tickets,
the final and most important tip i can give you on how to win the Malta lottery today and its has been clinically  tested to work but its a secret so please don't share with to many people, right before the lottery numbers are drawn from the machine its best practice to wear a large uncooked turkey on your head and dance to Mc hammers you cant touch this !  

how to win the Malta lottery  today

Ok so the last one is not true but could be worth a try ! 

So how to win the Malta lottery today ? 

Ensure you buy your tickets for the draw

keep the same set of numbers 

Check your tickets several times after a draw 

Keep a positive mind set